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The 3 Best Facebook Analytics Tools

1. Seekmetrics

Seekmetrics is a totally free social media analytics tool that provides Instant insights on any profile, track followers and unlimited reporting. It offers access to up to a years worth of historical profile data for Facebook and other social platforms. If you’re looking for a Facebook analytics tool that presents you with all the essential data in one place, Seekmetrics is a great option that won’t break the bank.

- Tracking of top posts, daily interactions, daily engagement rate, top reactions, and your overall growth rate on Facebook

- Facebook Follower growth tracking

- Facebook Reporting: you can easily export your data into CSV, XLS, JSON and PDF formats.

- Facebook analytics tools Seek Metrics

Pricing: FREE

2. Wiselytics

Wiselytics is an analytics and reporting tool for Facebook and Twitter, offering both free and paid plans. With Wiselytics, you can:

- Track your best performing posts

- Review your content performance by category or topic

- Compare your Facebook analytics with those of your competitors and check your performance against the benchmarks (paid plan)

- Monitor and moderate your Facebook community through the platform.

- Facebook analytics tools Wiselytics

You can get a free plan, which offers weekly updates and data from the last 70 days, or go for the paid plan to get data history from the moment your page was created, as well as daily data updates. A paid plan also includes ‘high-priority’ email support and the option of a dedicated account manager for large scale social media projects. Both plans let you add unlimited social profiles and unlimited user accounts.

Pricing: Free Plan or Enterprise Plan

3. Cyfe

Cyfe is social analytics tool that also goes way beyond social. Cyfe also has Google Analytics, Salesforce, Xero, Quickbooks, Adwords, and dozens of prebuilt integrations that give you easy-to-use, real-time dashboards for all of your marketing and sales purposes. But of course, we’re just focusing on Facebook analytics tools for now, so the question is, what can they offer in that department?

- Quick & easy automated Facebook reporting. Download or schedule email reports of your data in PNG, JPEG, PDF, and CSV formats.

- Monitor your top performing messages, media, & posts

- Measure all key social stats such as engagement, likes and fan growth in one easy dashboard

- Plan and manage all of your social campaigns and maintain a clear overview of your progress across all channels (Facebook included, of course)

Pricing: Free Plan or Enterprise Plan with pricing on request.

Three blinding options for you and all are FREE! Hopefully you’ve found the right tool for you to stay on top of those metrics and get your Facebook strategy into shape.

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