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3 Ways Social Media Networking Can Help You Grow Your Business

Networking across social media can help you stay in front of your potential customers.

If you post frequently with good content, each platform’s algorithm will orient the users’ feeds to include your posts. The more frequently prospective and returning customers see your brand, the more familiar your company is.

Positive familiarity is one of the strongest forces for keeping and growing your customer base. But that can be hard to do if you have a national audience. There are only so many posts about your products and services that your average customer will be interested in. Unless you stay relevant to your customer, you won’t be featured in their increasingly curated feeds.

With local audiences, however, there are three easy solutions:

1. Comment On Local Events

Your posts can’t always focus on landscaping or personal finances. While your day might be chock-full of the topic, that’s not true for your followers. So find other ways to interact with them in a meaningful way by establishing your stake in the community. After all, you don’t just provide a certain service or product line. You can celebrate a new park construction. You can comment on city celebrations or fairs.

2. Post Information That Isn't Promotional

Not every post should be an aggressive promotion. Instead, spend time becoming a subject matter authority for your audience. If you’re in the business of personal finance, have a post reminding people about the deadline for appealing their property value to the county. Post occasional tax tips.

Whatever industry you’re in, you have customers because you have more insight into the niche. Help your viewers with stringless, good content, and they’ll interact with your posts.

3. Show A Human Side.

Social media is inherently informal. While you don’t want to be too casual, the platforms are a great place to let your audience know more about your business, your employees, and interesting details about your industry. People like knowing about the brands they buy from. Also, the more your audience identifies with you, your employees, or your brand, the more likely they are to stay loyal customers.

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